MincoHome Smart Thermostat

Introducing the MincoHome Smart Thermostat – the ideal solution to enhance your home’s heating control! Forget about chilly days and nights with this cutting-edge thermostat that offers convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your thermostat manually? With the MincoHome Smart Thermostat, you can control your heating system from anywhere and at any time using the intuitive smartphone app ‘tuya’. Whether you’re lying in bed or miles away from home, simply tap on your phone to set the ideal temperature for your space.

But that is not all – our smart thermostat is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. Just imagine effortlessly adjusting the temperature with a simple voice command. It’s like having a personal assistant at your beck and call!

One of the standout features of this remarkable thermostat is its programmable function. In the ‘tuya’ app, you can create intelligent programs tailored to your lifestyle. Set different temperatures for each room and schedule up to 6 periods per day. Enjoy pleasant and comfortable surroundings without lifting a finger.

We understand that silence is golden, especially when it comes to a good night’s sleep. That is why our smart thermostat allows you to turn off the key sound directly from the app. No more unnecessary noise disturbing your peace!

And let’s not say goodbye to the customizable backlight. With four levels of screen brightness, you can adjust it to suit your preferences. Forget about annoyingly bright lights when you’re trying to catch some Z’s.

The MincoHome Smart Thermostat is designed for versatility. It caters to both electric floor heating systems and gas boilers/water heating setups. Whether you have thermal head, electric valve, heating cables, or electric heating film, our thermostat has got you covered!

Don’t let the cold weather dictate your comfort. Upgrade to the MincoHome Smart Thermostat today and experience the zenith in heating control. Stay warm, stay cozy, and stay in control. Your home deserves it.

MincoHome Smart Thermostat

  • GB-Electric floor Heating Control- 16A: Supports both internal sensor and floor external sensor
  • GE-Gas Boiler/Water Heating-3A: Supports only internal sensor
  • Gas Boiler/Water Heating Type: Suitable for dry contact control boilers/underfloor water heating such as thermal head, electric valve, etc.
  • Electric Heating Type: Suitable for electronic underfloor heating, such as heating cables, electric heating film, etc.
  • Smart Thermostat: Control your Wi-Fi thermostat from anywhere and anytime via the smartphone app ‘tuya’
  • Voice Control: Control your smart thermostat with the voice assistant – Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Programmable Function: Create intelligent programs and set which room to be heated using the ‘tuya’ app
  • Weekly Planning Mode: Choose between 5 + 2 / 6 + 1 / 7 weekly planning modes with up to 6 periods per day
  • Key Sound Off: Turn off the key sound in the app
  • Backlight Adjustable: Four levels of screen brightness with the option to turn off the backlight for a comfortable sleep environment


  • Supports both internal sensor and floor external sensor, making it versatile for different heating systems
  • Allows control of gas boilers and water heating systems with internal sensors
  • Suitable for various types of heating systems, including dry contact control boilers and electronic underfloor heating
  • Provides remote control of the thermostat through a smartphone app, enabling convenient access from anywhere
  • Compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing hands-free control
  • Enables the creation of intelligent programs and room-specific heating settings through the app
  • Offers multiple weekly planning modes with up to 6 periods per day, providing flexibility to meet individual preferences
  • Allows users to turn off the key sound for a quieter experience
  • Offers adjustable backlight brightness levels and the option to turn off the backlight for a comfortable sleep environment


  • Supports gas boilers and water heating systems only with internal sensors, limiting compatibility for certain setups
  • Requires the ‘tuya’ app for remote control, which may require additional setup and learning curve for some users