Graywind Motorized Dual Shades for Windows Smart Double Blinds Blackout and Light Filtering Motorized Blinds with Remote Alexa Google Control Day Night Shades, Custom Size (Blackout Light Grey)Product name: Graywind Motorized Dual Shades

Enhance your home’s style and functionality with the Graywind Motorized Dual Shades for Windows. These innovative double blinds offer a combination of blackout and light filtering options, providing you with ultimate control over privacy and lighting in any room.

With the ability to operate independently or together, the front shade and back shade allow for flexible switching between complete darkness and gentle light filtering. The updated fabric wrapped cassette adds a sleek and streamlined look to your windows, blending seamlessly with your d├ęcor.

Control is made easy with the 15-channel timing remote, which allows for individual or group control of up to 15 smart shades. You can even set your favorite position for added convenience. The remote also features 20 date-time groups, enabling automatic timing control to suit your preferences.

Choose between the BLE/RF motor solution, which works directly with the Graywind App via Bluetooth, or the Zigbee motor solution, which seamlessly integrates with various Alexa models and Google devices. No smart bridge is required, making installation a breeze.

For a personalized touch, customize the fabric of your shades by selecting the “Customize Fabric” ASIN option. Simply provide your desired dimensions and details during the ordering process. Rest assured, Graywind smart blinds are designed for easy installation, with manuals and video guides available to assist you.

Enjoy peace of mind with a two-year limited warranty on motors and remotes, along with long-term technical support. Transform your living space with the Graywind Motorized Dual Shades for Windows and experience the perfect blend of style, convenience, and functionality.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Product name: Graywind Motorized Dual Shades
  • Shade Type: Blackout and Light Filtering
  • Shade Operation: Front shade and back shade operated independently or together
  • Cassette Type: Fabric wrapped cassette
  • Remote Control: 15-channel timing remote
  • Control Range: Bluetooth within the range of signal (about 118″/30m)
  • Motor Solutions: BLE/RF and Zigbee
  • BLE/RF Motor Solution: Supports Bluetooth and RF
  • App Control: Graywind App via Bluetooth
  • Battery Status Display: Available
  • Recommended Use: Control of smart blinds via remote controller or app at home
  • 2.4GHz BLE Hub: Available for creating groups, setting timing schedules, and Alexa & Google control
  • Zigbee Motor Solution: Works with Echo Plus 2nd Gen./ Echo Show 2nd Gen./ Echo Studio/ Echo Show 10 3rd Gen./ Echo 4th Gen.
  • Hub Requirement: No hub required for Zigbee Motor Solution
  • Voice Control: Supports voice commands for group and percentage control
  • Made-to-Order: Customizable dimensions and details
  • Production Time: 3 workdays for custom production
  • Delivery Time: Extra 5 workdays for delivery
  • Warranty: Two-year limited warranty on motors and remotes
  • Technical Support: Long-term technical support provided


  • Highly customizable: The Graywind Motorized Dual Shades can be made-to-order with customizable dimensions and details, allowing for a perfect fit for any window.
  • Dual shade operation: The front shade and back shade can be operated independently or together, providing flexible light control options.
  • Remote and app control: The shades come with a 15-channel timing remote and can be controlled via the Graywind App using Bluetooth. This allows for convenient control from anywhere within the range of signal.
  • Voice control capabilities: The shades support voice commands for group and percentage control, making it simple to adjust the blinds with just your voice.
  • Compatibility with smart home devices: The Zigbee Motor Solution works with various Echo devices, including Echo Plus 2nd Gen., Echo Show 2nd Gen., Echo Studio, Echo Show 10 3rd Gen., and Echo 4th Gen. This allows for seamless integration into your existing smart home ecosystem.
  • No hub required for Zigbee Motor Solution: Unlike some other motorized blinds, the Zigbee Motor Solution does not require an additional hub, simplifying the setup process.
  • Two-year limited warranty: The motors and remotes are covered by a two-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.
  • Long-term technical support: Graywind provides long-term technical support, ensuring that any issues or queries are promptly addressed.


  • Limited control range: The control range for the remote is about 118″/30m, which may be insufficient for larger spaces or if the blinds are far from the control device.
  • Requires Bluetooth for app control: The Graywind App control is via Bluetooth, so it’s necessary to have a Bluetooth-enabled device to use this feature.
  • Extra production and delivery time: Custom production of the shades takes 3 workdays, and an additional 5 workdays are required for delivery. This may result in a longer wait time compared to pre-made blinds.