Yoolax Motorized Window Shade

Enhance the functionality and style of your windows with the Yoolax Motorized Window Shade. This premium shade is designed to provide the perfect balance of sunlight and privacy for your home or office.

Made from 50% shading polyester pure white fabric, this shade offers optimal light control. Enjoy ample sunlight during the day while maintaining privacy at night. The fade-resistant and durable material ensures years of use, making this shade a long-lasting investment for your space. Plus, the front and back of the shade feature the same color, creating a seamless and cohesive look.

For added convenience, you can choose to include a valance for a more polished appearance. The optional valance enhances the overall aesthetic of your window treatment, giving it a finished and sophisticated look.

The Yoolax Motorized Window Shade comes with two motor options: P412 Remote Battery Motor and Z425 Smart Battery Motor. The P412 motor requires a smart bridge to connect to Alexa and Google Home, providing you with seamless control over your shades. Once fully charged, this motor can run for 3-6 months, ensuring reliable operation. The Z425 motor works directly with select Alexa devices and requires a smart bridge for other Echo or Google Home devices. Both motors come with a 15-channel or 16-channel remote, respectively, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your shades from anywhere in the room.

For those hard-to-reach windows, we offer an optional solar panel that ensures continuous power supply. The solar panel comes with a 50cm USB wire and can be easily attached to the window using the included 3M stickers. This eco-friendly solution eliminates the need for frequent battery changes and ensures uninterrupted operation.

Our motorized window shades are custom-made to fit your specific window measurements. Simply click on the “Customize Now” button to begin the ordering process. We will follow up with an email to confirm your measurements within 24 hours, ensuring the ideal fit for your windows. If you require special sizes, our dedicated customer service team is just a message away.

Installation is a breeze with all the necessary mounting kits and instructions included in the package. The remote control is pre-programmed for your convenience, so you can start enjoying the benefits of motorized shades right away. Plus, Yoolax offers a 2-year warranty on motors and controls, providing you with peace of mind.

Elevate your space with the Yoolax Motorized Window Shade. Experience the perfect blend of style, convenience, and functionality in one innovative window treatment.

Yoolax Motorized Window Shade

  • Material: 50% shading polyester pure white fabric
  • Suitable for living room, office, workshop, kitchen, and business area
  • Fade-resistant and durable
  • Front-back same color
  • Valance is optional for better looking
  • P412 Remote Battery Motor:
    • Requires a smart bridge to connect to Alexa and Google Home
    • Runs for 3-6 months on a full charge
    • Works with 15 channel remote
    • CR2450 button battery included
  • Z425 Smart Battery Motor:
    • Works with 5 versions of Alexa directly
    • Works with 16 channel remote
  • Solar Panels (optional):
    • Includes 50cm USB wire and a manual
    • Can be stuck to the window using 2x3M stickers
  • Made to Order:
    • Customizable size
    • Email confirmation of size within 24 hours
    • Other special sizes available upon request
  • Measurement:
    • Shade width includes side brackets or valance edge (fabric width is 1.06″ narrower)
    • Tracks available to solve light leakage
    • Inside Mount leaves 0.1″ for security gap
    • Outside Mount suggests adding 3″ to width and height for more blackout
  • Service:
    • Usually dispatched in 4-5 workdays after size confirmation
    • Easy installation with included mounting kits and instructions
    • 2-year warranty on motors and controls
    • Repair or replacement provided free of charge for motor or control damage/failure within the first 2 years


  • High-quality material: Made with 50% shading polyester pure white fabric, ensuring durability and fade-resistance.
  • Versatile usage: Suitable for various spaces such as living rooms, offices, workshops, kitchens, and business areas.
  • Valance option: Optional valance enhances the overall look of the window shade.
  • Multiple motor options: Choose between P412 Remote Battery Motor or Z425 Smart Battery Motor, each offering different features and compatibility.
  • Solar panel option: Solar panels can be added for convenient charging, with easy installation using 2x3M stickers.
  • Made to order: Customizable sizes available, with email confirmation within 24 hours and other special sizes on request.
  • Measurement options: Tracks available to solve light leakage, inside mount design provides a security gap, and outside mount suggests additional width and height for enhanced blackout effect.
  • Convenient service: Usually dispatched within 4-5 workdays, easy installation with included mounting kits and instructions, and a 2-year warranty on motors and controls.


  • Additional device required for voice control: P412 Remote Battery Motor requires a smart bridge to connect with Alexa and Google Home.
  • Limited voice control compatibility: Z425 Smart Battery Motor works with only 5 versions of Alexa directly.
  • Specific battery requirement: P412 Remote Battery Motor uses CR2450 button battery (included), which may need replacement after 3-6 months of usage.
  • No specific cons mentioned for other features or options.