SunTouch CommandPlus

Attention homeowners! Upgrade your floor heating system with the industry-leading SunTouch CommandPlus thermostat. Say goodbye to cold floors and hello to ultimate comfort and convenience.

Introducing the SunTouch CommandPlus, the thermostat that revolutionizes the way you control your floor heating. With its advanced Wi-Fi connectivity, this thermostat enables you to remotely access and adjust your floor temperature from anywhere. No more stepping onto chilly floors in the morning!

Imagine the luxury of automatic clock setting, current outdoor temperature reading, and weather compensation. The SunTouch CommandPlus brings these features right to your fingertips. And when the weather gets warmer, it even has a smart auto shut-down function to save energy.

Setting up and programming your thermostat has never been easier. With the Watts Home app, available for iOS and Android devices, you can customize your temperature settings based on your schedule. Flexibility and comfort are just a touch away.

But this is not all! The SunTouch CommandPlus goes above and beyond with its energy usage monitoring. Keep track of your consumption and make informed decisions to save on costs. Receive email and text notifications for added convenience, and rest easy knowing that this thermostat comes with a generous three-year warranty.

Designed with contemporary elegance in mind, the SunTouch CommandPlus adds a touch of sophistication to any home. Its sleek 4.3-inch digital touchscreen display ensures effortless control and a seamless user experience.

And here’s the best part: the SunTouch CommandPlus is compatible with both 120 and 240 voltage electric floor heating systems. It is specifically designed for underfloor heating, making it the perfect choice to enhance your home comfort.

Upgrade your floor heating experience with the SunTouch CommandPlus. Embrace the future of thermostat technology and enjoy the convenience and comfort it brings. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Get yours today and experience the difference.

Key Technical Specifications

  • Thermostat Type: SunTouch CommandPlus
  • Compatibility: Underfloor heating systems (Not for use with HVAC systems)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi enabled
  • Control: Watts Home mobile app (available for iOS and Android)
  • Display: 4.3 inch digital touchscreen
  • Features:
    • Automatic clock setting
    • Current outdoor temperature reading
    • Weather compensation
    • Warm weather shut-down
    • Flexing schedule programming
    • Energy usage monitoring
    • Email/text notifications
    • Away terminal features
    • Help feature
    • Three year warranty
  • Voltage Compatibility: 120V and 240V


  • Thermostat specifically designed for underfloor heating systems
  • Wi-Fi enabled for convenient control and accessibility
  • Intuitive 4.3 inch digital touchscreen display
  • Includes a range of useful features such as automatic clock setting, weather compensation, and energy usage monitoring
  • Compatibility with both 120V and 240V voltage
  • Connects to the Watts Home mobile app, available for iOS and Android
  • Comes with a three year warranty for added peace of mind


  • Not compatible with HVAC systems, limiting its use to underfloor heating only
  • Requires a stable Wi-Fi connection for remote control and access
  • Reliance on mobile app for control may be inconvenient for users without smartphones
  • May have a learning curve for those unfamiliar with touchscreen technology
  • Limited to a 4.3 inch display, which may be small for some users