Shelly 1 PM Relay Switch

Upgrade your home automation game with the Shelly 1 PM Relay Switch! The new generation Shelly Plus devices bring you supreme control and convenience. With perfected electrical appliances control, this smart relay is powered by an incredibly fast processor for lightning-fast performance. Say goodbye to lag and hello to seamless integration!

One of the standout features of the Shelly Plus line is its improved connectivity. Easily add devices through a Bluetooth connection using the user-friendly Shelly Cloud App. It is never been easier to expand your smart home network!

But that is not all – Shelly Plus also prioritizes your safety and security. With TLS encryption, HTTP/HTTPS webhooks, and scripting support, your data and devices are protected. The embedded web server feature of the Shelly 1 PM allows you to control and monitor your devices remotely, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Shelly 1 PM Relay Switch has a compact design that fits seamlessly into any space. Whether it’s wall mounts or electrical control panels, this switch adapts to your needs. Use it as an accessory to your existing home automation controller or integrate it into another automation system – the choice is yours!

Keep a close eye on your energy consumption with Shelly’s monitoring capabilities. It can handle electrical circuits with up to 3.5 kW, providing overload and temperature protection. Stay informed and in control of your energy usage.

With product dimensions of 0.67 x 1.42 x 1.61 inches and weighing just 1.76 ounces, this Shelly device is compact and lightweight. It is easy to install and won’t take up much space.

The Shelly 1 PM Relay Switch is brought to you by Allterco Robotics EOOD, a trusted manufacturer in the industry. It’s available for purchase starting from March 7, 2022, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in home automation.

Upgrade your home with the Shelly 1 PM Relay Switch and experience the ultimate in home automation and control. Embrace the future of smart living with Shelly Plus!

Key Technical Specifications of Shelly 1 PM Relay Switch:

  • Product Dimensions: 0.67 x 1.42 x 1.61 inches
  • Weight: 1.76 Ounces
  • Model Number: 3800235264164
  • Date First Available: March 7, 2022
  • Manufacturer: Allterco Robotics EOOD
  • ASIN: B09RMV7651


  • Compact product dimensions (0.67 x 1.42 x 1.61 inches) make it easy to install in tight spaces.
  • Lightweight design (1.76 ounces) ensures minimal impact on the existing setup.
  • Model number (3800235264164) helps in identifying the specific product variant.
  • Manufacturer, Allterco Robotics EOOD, is known for producing reliable and innovative smart home devices.
  • ASIN (B09RMV7651) provides a unique identifier for easy online purchasing.


  • Date first available (March 7, 2022) indicates a relatively new product, which may lack extensive user reviews and long-term reliability data.