RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer

Introducing the RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer – the ultimate solution for hassle-free and efficient watering! Forget about the tedious task of manually watering your plants and let technology take over.

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your watering schedule? With the RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer, you can bid farewell to those worries. This smart device allows you to set multiple watering schedules, ensuring your plants receive the ideal amount of water at the right time. Whether you prefer a normal cycle mode or a soaker cycle mode, this timer has got you covered.

Worried about unexpected rain ruining your carefully planned watering schedule? Fear not! The RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer comes with a rain delay feature. Simply set a delay of 24, 48, or 72 hours on the app, and let nature take its course. No more wasteful watering during rainy days!

With the RAINPOINT app, you have complete control over your watering system. Connect the timer and WiFi hub to your 2.4Ghz WiFi, and enjoy remote access from anywhere, anytime. And even when WiFi isn’t available, you can still rely on Bluetooth connectivity up to 60 meters away. Convenience at its finest!

Planning to expand your irrigation system? No problem! The RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer allows you to add multiple timers to cover more areas in need of watering. However, for optimal system stability, we recommend not exceeding 4 timers.

Worried about your water bill? We’ve got your back! The RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer helps you make the most out of every drop. Its smart features ensure efficient water usage, saving you money while keeping your plants happy and healthy.

Tracking your watering records has never been easier! The RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer provides a detailed record of each watering session, including start time, duration, and end time. Stay on top of your watering schedule and manage it scientifically.

Upgrade your watering routine with the RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer. Experience the convenience of smart app control, flexibility in scheduling, and the ability to track your watering records. Get yours today and let technology take care of your plants while you sit back and relax.

Key Technical Specifications of RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer:

  • Brand: RAINPOINT
  • Material: Metal
  • Product Dimensions: 3″D x 1.5″W x 1″H
  • Smart App Control: Can be remotely controlled through the RAINPOINT app using WiFi connectivity
  • WiFi Compatibility: Supports 2.4Ghz WiFi only (5Ghz WiFi not supported)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Can connect to Bluetooth from up to 60 meters away
  • Expandable Irrigation System: Allows addition of multiple WiFi sprinkler timers to the irrigation system
  • Recommended System Limit: Not more than 4 WiFi water timers for system stability
  • Flexible Watering Schedule: Each timer can set multiple watering schedules
  • Watering Modes: Offers normal cycle mode and soaker cycle mode
  • Rain Delay Function: Delay watering schedule for 24/48/72 hours in case of rain
  • Manual Watering: One-click manual watering option
  • Watering Record Tracking: Independent watering record page with detailed information on start time, duration, and end time of each watering


  • Solid and reliable metal construction
  • Compact dimensions make it easy to install in limited spaces
  • Convenient remote control through the RAINPOINT app
  • WiFi connectivity allows for seamless control and monitoring
  • Expandable irrigation system capability for added convenience
  • Flexible watering schedule to meet specific needs
  • Offers normal cycle and soaker cycle modes for versatile watering
  • Rain delay function helps conserve water during rainy periods
  • One-click manual watering option for immediate watering needs
  • Watering record tracking provides detailed information for analysis


  • Only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi, not compatible with 5Ghz WiFi
  • Bluetooth connectivity has a limited range of up to 60 meters
  • Recommended system limit of 4 WiFi water timers may restrict larger setups