Pioneer MVH-S322BT

Introducing the Pioneer MVH-S322BT, your ultimate car audio companion! This cutting-edge device will take your driving experience to a whole new level. With Alexa Built-in, simply pair it with the Pioneer Smart Sync App and let the magic unfold.

Not just limited to one operating system, this dynamic product is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Seamlessly connect your smartphone and unlock a world of possibilities.

Forget about boring drives with the Pioneer MVH-S322BT. It works like a charm with Pandora, allowing you to groove to your favorite tunes effortlessly. Let the music take control and elevate your mood on the go.

But this is not all! We’ve also included a set of powerful Full-Range Speakers. Boasting 200W output and 2-way functionality, these speakers will fill your car with crystal-clear sound. Feel every beat and immerse yourself in the music like never before.

And did we mention that these speakers come with an impedance of 4-ohms? This means enhanced audio performance and a truly immersive listening experience.

Upgrade your car audio system with the Pioneer MVH-S322BT today. Get ready to embark on a journey of sonic bliss every time you hit the road. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal!

Key Technical Specifications for Pioneer MVH-S322BT:

  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Alexa Built-in When Paired with Pioneer Smart Sync App
  • Android Compatibility
  • iPhone Compatibility
  • Works with Pandora
  • Full-Range Speaker(s)
  • 200W 2 Way Full Range Car Audio Speakers
  • Impedance: 4-ohms
  • Model Number: TSF1634R


  • High-quality brand – Pioneer
  • Alexa Built-in When Paired with Pioneer Smart Sync App
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Compatible with iPhone devices
  • Works with Pandora for easy music streaming
  • Full-range speakers for balanced audio
  • Powerful 200W 2-way full-range car audio speakers
  • Impedance of 4-ohms for efficient power transfer
  • Model Number: TSF1634R for easy identification


  • No specific cons found for this product