Mysa Smart Thermostat for Electric Baseboard and in-Wall Heaters V2

Attention homeowners and tech enthusiasts! Discover the revolutionary Mysa Smart Thermostat V2, designed specifically for Electric Baseboard and in-Wall Heaters. Say goodbye to outdated thermostats and hello to next-level comfort and convenience!

Introducing the Mysa Smart Thermostat V2, your ultimate home heating companion. With its sleek design and compact size, it is a ideal fit for any space. But don’t let its small stature fool you – this thermostat is packed with incredible features that will transform the way you experience warmth.

Imagine having complete control over your home’s temperature, no matter where you are. With Mysa, it’s possible! Thanks to its seamless integration with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Google Home, iOS, and Android, you can easily manage your heating system with just a few taps on your smartphone or voice commands. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

But Mysa doesn’t stop at convenience; it’s all about enhancing your comfort too. Experience the future of display technology with Mysa’s Adaptive Display Technology. It automatically adjusts the brightness based on your surroundings, ensuring optimal visibility without straining your eyes. Plus, the Audible Touch Feedback feature provides a satisfying response every time you make an adjustment.

What sets Mysa apart from the rest is its intelligence. With Energy Insights, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about your energy consumption, helping you make smarter choices to save both energy and money. And with Geofencing and Scheduling capabilities, Mysa ensures your home is always at the perfect temperature when you need it, without wasting any energy when you don’t.

Installation is a breeze with Mysa. In just 15 minutes or less, you’ll have it up and running, thanks to the step-by-step online guides and videos. No need to hire a professional – you’ve got this!

And let’s not forget about compatibility. Mysa works seamlessly with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, ensuring a truly connected home experience. Stay cozy and connected with Mysa – the possibilities are endless!

Upgrade your home heating game with the Mysa Smart Thermostat V2. Set your schedule in less than a minute using the intuitive app, adjust your thermostat from anywhere, and enjoy ultimate comfort and energy savings. Say hello to a smarter, cozier home with Mysa!

Don’t miss out on this game-changing innovation. Get your Mysa Smart Thermostat V2 today and experience the future of home heating for yourself.

Key Technical Specifications of Mysa Smart Thermostat for Electric Baseboard and in-Wall Heaters V2:

  • Brand: Mysa
  • Model Name: BB.2.0.01.NA-US
  • Item Dimensions: 0.8 x 3.5 x 5.1 inches
  • Controller Type: Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Google Home, iOS, Android
  • Special Features:

    • Audible Touch Feedback
    • Adaptive Display Technology
    • Energy Insights
    • Geofencing
    • Scheduling For High/Line Voltage Systems
    • Adaptive Brightness Technology
    • Smart Integrations with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit
    • Quick Install in 15 minutes or less
  • Compatible with: 120-240V electric baseboards and electric fan-forced heaters
  • Power Requirements: Requires one neutral or second live wire
  • New Features: 40% Smaller size, Adaptive Display Technology
  • Control Options: Android or iOS device via the Mysa app


  • Compact size: The Mysa Smart Thermostat V2 is 40% smaller than its previous version, making it easier to install and fit in tight spaces.
  • Adaptive Display Technology: The thermostat features adaptive display technology, ensuring it is always easy to read and use, regardless of the lighting conditions in the room.
  • Energy Insights: With the energy insights feature, users can track and monitor their energy usage, helping them make informed decisions to reduce energy consumption and save money.
  • Geofencing: The geofencing feature allows users to automatically adjust the temperature based on their location, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Smart Integrations: The Mysa Smart Thermostat V2 can be integrated with popular smart home platforms such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, allowing users to control their heating system with voice commands or through smartphone apps.
  • Quick Install: The thermostat can be installed in 15 minutes or less, making it convenient for users who prefer a hassle-free setup process.


  • Controller Limitations: The Mysa Smart Thermostat V2 can only be controlled through specific platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Google Home, iOS, and Android devices. This may limit compatibility for users who prefer other smart home ecosystems.
  • Power Requirements: The thermostat requires one neutral or second live wire for proper installation. This may pose a challenge for users who do not have this wiring configuration in their homes.