MincoHome Smart Thermostat

Attention homeowners! Upgrade your heating system with the MincoHome Smart Thermostat!

Are you tired of coming home to a cold house? Forget about chilly mornings and hello to cozy comfort!

Introducing the MincoHome Smart Thermostat, the ideal solution for controlling your heating system with ease. With its cutting-edge technology, this thermostat offers convenient features that will revolutionize the way you heat your home.

Imagine being able to control your thermostat from anywhere, anytime. With the “tuya” smartphone app, you can adjust the temperature with just a few taps on your phone. No more wasting energy heating an empty house!

But this is not all – our Smart Thermostat also supports voice control. Simply ask Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust the temperature for you, hands-free!

Programmable Function: Create intelligent programs and set which room to be heated. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, you can customize the temperature to suit your needs. With different temperature settings throughout the day, you can create a pleasant and comfortable environment for every moment.

Worried about disturbing noises? Don’t be! You can easily turn off the key sound in the app, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

And for those who prefer a dimmer environment during sleep, the MincoHome Smart Thermostat offers adjustable backlighting. Choose from four levels of screen brightness or turn it off completely – it is up to you!

But wait, there’s more! This smart thermostat is compatible with both electric floor heating systems and gas boilers/water heating systems. No matter what type of heating system you have, the MincoHome Smart Thermostat has got you covered.

Upgrade your home heating experience with the MincoHome Smart Thermostat today. Stay warm and save energy effortlessly. Forget about cold mornings and hello to ultimate comfort. Get yours now!

MincoHome Smart Thermostat

  • GB-Electric floor Heating Control- 16A (with both internal sensor and floor external sensor)
  • GE-Gas Boiler/Water Heating-3A(only internal sensor)
  • Gas Boiler/Water Heating Type: suitable for dry contact control boilers/underfloor water heating such as thermal head, electric valve, etc.
  • Electric Heating Type: suitable for electronic underfloor heating, such as heating cables, electric heating film, etc.
  • Smart Thermostat: Control your Wi-Fi thermostat from anywhere and anytime via the smartphone app “tuya”.
  • Voice control: control your smart thermostat with the voice assistant – Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Programmable Function: in the “tuya” app, you can create intelligent programs and set which room to be heated.
  • 5 + 2 / 6 + 1 / 7 weekly planning mode: different temperatures can be set with up to 6 periods per day to make your life pleasant and comfortable.
  • Key sound can be turned off: You can turn off the key sound in the app if you don’t want to make a noise when set thermostat.
  • Backlight adjustable: There are four levels of screen brightness, and if you don’t want bright light when you sleep, you can turn off the backlight.


  • GB-Electric floor Heating Control- 16A (with both internal sensor and floor external sensor)
  • GE-Gas Boiler/Water Heating-3A(only internal sensor)
  • Supports both gas boiler/water heating and electric floor heating, providing versatile compatibility
  • Can be controlled remotely via the smartphone app “tuya”, allowing for convenient management from anywhere
  • Voice control feature enables easy operation through Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Programmable function in the “tuya” app allows for intelligent heating programs and customization for different rooms
  • Offers multiple weekly planning modes with up to 6 periods per day, ensuring personalized and comfortable heating
  • Key sound can be turned off through the app, providing a noise-free experience
  • Backlight brightness is adjustable, with the option to turn it off for undisturbed sleep


  • Not fits everyone types of boilers/underfloor water heating systems