Lumary Smart Landscape Lights Pro

🌟 Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Lumary Smart Landscape Lights Pro! 🌟

Transform your outdoor oasis into a mesmerizing wonderland with the Lumary Smart Landscape Lights Pro! Designed with cutting-edge technology and impeccable style, these outdoor spotlights are the ideal choice for your exterior lighting needs.

💡 Stunning and Dynamic Lighting Displays:

With our revolutionary RGBAI technology, you can create breathtaking lighting displays on your outdoor landscape lights. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors, as Lumary offers an impressive array of 16 million color options. Let your imagination run wild and unleash the magic of a rainbow in your own backyard!

🌈 Individual Light Control:

Take full control of each outdoor spot light with our uncomplicated to manage app. Change colors, adjust brightness, and even turn them on or off with just a tap of your finger. Our customizable programming feature allows you to create the ideal ambiance for any occasion, making your outdoor space truly come alive.

🎨 Tunable White for Every Mood:

Experience the ultimate versatility with our RGBW 2200K tunable white feature. From warm amber-like tones to elegant lighting effects, Lumary Landscape Spotlights Pro will set the mood for any gathering. Adjust the brightness from 1-100% and create a captivating atmosphere that captivates all who visit.

📲 Four Ways to Control:

Enjoy the convenience of controlling your outdoor lights in multiple ways. Download the Lumary app and connect effortlessly to your smart devices. Alternatively, work your magic with voice commands using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and more. For a more traditional approach, use the RF remote controller or control box. The choice is yours!

💦 Waterproof and Durable:

Built to withstand the elements, Lumary Smart Landscape Lights Pro boast an impressive IP65 waterproof rating. Rain or shine, these lights will continue to shine bright and illuminate your outdoor space. With an upgraded metal body and UL-certified adapter, rest assured that they will stand the test of time, providing you with up to 15,000 hours of pure brilliance.

🎵 Timer Schedule and Music Sync:

Set the mood effortlessly with our timer schedule feature. Program your lights to turn on and off at your desired times, ensuring your outdoor space is always beautifully illuminated. And for those who love to dance the night away, our lights will sync with the rhythm of your favorite tunes, creating a stunning visual spectacle that will leave everyone in awe.

🌍 Lumary – Lighting Up Your World:

As a trusted manufacturer, Lumary is committed to delivering exceptional quality and innovation. Our Smart Landscape Lights Pro are the ideal addition to any outdoor setting, enhancing the beauty of your surroundings and creating unforgettable moments.

✨ Transform your outdoor space with Lumary Smart Landscape Lights Pro and experience the magic of light like never before! Order yours today and let Lumary illuminate your world! ✨

Lumary Smart Landscape Lights Pro

  • Brand: Lumary
  • Color: RGBAI
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Style: Outdoor Spot Lights
  • Light fixture form: Spotlight
  • Brightness: 3000lm
  • Output: 36W
  • Technology: RGBAI
  • Color options: 16 million
  • Preset/custom scenes: Yes
  • Individual light control: Yes
  • Control methods: APP, Voice Device, Remote, Control Box
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Cable: 22AWG, UL-certified adapter
  • Timer schedule: Yes
  • Music sync: Yes
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 6 x 10.6 inches
  • Weight: 7.36 pounds
  • Model number: Gl62B-1
  • Date First Available: June 25, 2023
  • Manufacturer: Lumary
  • Country of Origin: China


  • High brightness of 3000lm
  • Wide range of color options with 16 million choices
  • Preset/custom scenes available for personalized lighting experiences
  • Individual light control for precise adjustments
  • Multiple control methods including APP, Voice Device, Remote, and Control Box
  • Waterproof rating of IP65 for outdoor use
  • Timer schedule feature for automated lighting control
  • Music sync capability for synchronized lighting effects


  • Product weight is relatively heavy at 7.36 pounds
  • May be too bright for some users’ preferences
  • Only available in one style: Outdoor Spot Lights
  • The cable may not be long enough for certain installation scenarios