KYY Portable Monitor

🌟 Introducing the KYY Portable Monitor – Unleash Your Visual Feast! 🌟

👀 Searching for a compact and immersive portable monitor? Look no further! The KYY Portable Monitor is here to revolutionize your on-the-go experience! With its stunning 15.6” screen and 178° wide viewing angle, get ready to dive into a world of breathtaking visuals like never before!

💡 Experience True Visual Brilliance – Our portable computer monitor boasts HDR technology that brings your content to life with vibrant colors and crystal-clear details. Forget about eye strain, thanks to the 1920×1080 high-definition IPS screen that ensures your comfort even during extended use.

💻 Boost Productivity with Dual USB C – Say hello to seamless connectivity! Equipped with two full-functional USB-C ports, our upgraded portable laptop monitor lets you effortlessly connect your devices. Simply use a single USB-C to USB-C cable and connect to laptops, PCs, smartphones, PS4, XBOX ONE, and Switch. The possibilities are endless!

💼 Your Ideal Travel Companion – Thin as just 0.3 inches and weighing only 1.7 pounds, our portable secondary display is designed to be your perfect travel partner. Slip it into your briefcase or suitcase effortlessly and take it with you wherever you go. Work becomes easy and enjoyable, empowering you to be productive on the move.

❤️ Advanced Smart Cover – We’ve got your back! Our multi-functional protective cover is crafted from high-quality PU material, making it durable, waterproof, and resistant to scratches. The smart cover also doubles as a convenient stand with two grooves, providing sturdy support for your screen.

✔️ Versatile and Efficient – Our HDMI portable external display offers multiple modes to suit your needs. Use it as a primary screen or duplicate it for sharing in meetings. Extend the screens for enhanced productivity. With the included mini-HDMI cable and USB-C cable, connectivity is a breeze, elevating your browsing, editing, and watching experiences to new heights.

🚀 Unleash the Power of Portability – Elevate your work and play with the KYY Portable Monitor. Immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals, boost productivity, and enjoy the freedom of a portable companion that goes wherever you go. Don’t miss out on this game-changer – order yours today!

KYY Portable Monitor

  • Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
  • Display Resolution Maximum: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Brand: KYY
  • Special Feature: Portable, Built-In Speakers
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

[1080P Portable Monitor] – 💡15.6” KYY portable computer monitor with 178° wide viewing angle, breathtaking HDR technology, 2 built-in speakers, allowing you to enjoy a clearer and smoother immersive visual feast. 1920*1080 high-definition IPS screen ensures your eyes feel comfortable after a long period of use.

[More Productivity with Dual USB C] – 💻Upgraded USB-C portable laptop monitor comes with 2 full-functional usb-c ports which support video output. You can just use one usb-c to usb-c cable to connect devices with 3.1 USB-Type-C ports. Equipped with a USB-C port and Mini-HDMI port, you can easily connect to laptops, PCs, smartphones, PS4, XBOX ONE and Switch.

[Perfect Travel Partner] – 💼Portable secondary display is 0.3 inches thick and weighs 1.7 pounds. You can go on business with yourself in a briefcase or suitcase and is ideal for the perfect companion on the go. Plug and play mirror your USB-C phone or extend your laptop, making work easy and enjoyable.

[Advanced Smart Cover] – ❤️The multi-Functional protective cover is made of high-quality PU material which is durable, waterproof and anti-scratches The smart cover base has two grooves, you can fold the screen side of the smart cover back serve as a stand to firmly support the screen’s bottom.

[Multi-functional Mode] – ✔️HDMI portable external display can be used as the main screen alone, you can duplicate the screen to share in the meeting, extend the screens to increase your working efficiency. The included mini-HDMI cable and USB-C cable make the connectivity easily which provides you with a ideal viewing experience when browsing, editing or watching.


  • High-definition IPS screen with 178° wide viewing angle
  • Breathtaking HDR technology for immersive visual experience
  • Portable and lightweight design, perfect for travel
  • Dual USB-C ports for enhanced productivity
  • Easy connectivity with laptops, PCs, smartphones, and gaming consoles
  • Comes with a multi-functional smart cover for protection and stand
  • Can be used as the main screen or in extended/duplicate mode


  • No specific cons identified