Honeywell Home RENEWRTH8800WF/U Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

Attention homeowners! Take control of your comfort with the Honeywell Home RENEWRTH8800WF/U Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat. Forget about chilly mornings and stuffy afternoons, and hello to a perfectly cozy home, always!

Experience the ultimate convenience of the T5 Smart Thermostat. No more fumbling with complicated settings or outdated thermostats. This sleek device effortlessly blends into your lifestyle, making it a seamless addition to your home.

Not only is the T5 thermostat ENERGY STAR certified, but it also helps you save money on your energy bills. With its programmable feature, you can effortlessly create a schedule that suits your lifestyle. Or let the T5 adapt to your ever-changing plans. It’s like having a personal temperature concierge!

The best part? You can control the T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet. Picture this: you’re on your way home from a long day at work, and you can adjust the temperature to your liking before even stepping through the front door. It is like magic!

But that’s not all. By going green with the T5, you’re not only saving energy but also helping the environment. Track your heating and cooling with monthly energy reports and receive personalized tips on reducing energy use. You might even be eligible for energy savings rebates from your provider!

With the T5’s 7-day flexible scheduling or location-based temperature control, you are in charge. Whether you prefer to program your thermostat or let geofence technology do the work, the choice is yours. Your comfort is now just a touch away.

Say goodbye to the hassle of adjusting temperatures manually. The T5’s Auto Home and Away Mode ensure that you always come back to a perfectly cozy home while saving energy when you are away. It’s like having your own energy-saving superhero!

What about extreme temperatures? Don’t worry, the T5 has got you covered. Its Smart Response and Alerts feature learns your patterns, delivering the right comfort by automatically determining if your home needs heating or cooling. Plus, it can notify you of extreme temperatures and remind you when it’s time to change the filter.

Don’t settle for ordinary thermostats. Upgrade to the Honeywell Home RENEWRTH8800WF/U Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat and experience the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and energy savings. Say hello to a cozy home and goodbye to unpredictable temperatures. Get yours today and take control of your comfort!

  • Compatibility: Works with most heating, cooling, and heat pump systems.
  • Installation: Easy to install and use.
  • Energy Efficiency: ENERGY STAR certified to help save energy.
  • Programmable: 7-day flexible scheduling or location-based temperature control.
  • Geofence Technology: Uses smartphone location to know when you’re away and when you return.
  • Auto Home and Away Mode: Adjusts temperature for comfort and savings based on geofencing technology.
  • Smart Response and Alerts: Learns patterns to deliver the right comfort and notifies of extreme temperatures and filter change reminders.
  • Remote Control: Control the thermostat from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Energy Reports: Monthly energy reports track heating and cooling usage.
  • Energy Savings Rebates: Check with your energy provider for available rebates.
  • Energy Savings Incentives: Eligible customers can enroll in ongoing energy savings incentives with their energy provider.


  • Easy installation and use
  • Compatible with most heating, cooling, and heat pump systems
  • ENERGY STAR certified for energy savings
  • Flexible scheduling options with 7-day programming
  • Geofence technology for automatic temperature adjustments based on your location
  • Smart Response and Alerts feature for personalized comfort and notifications
  • Remote control capability via smartphone or tablet
  • Monthly energy reports to track heating and cooling usage
  • Potential energy savings rebates and incentives from energy providers


  • May not be compatible with all heating, cooling, and heat pump systems
  • Requires a smartphone or tablet for remote control functionality
  • Reliance on geofence technology for auto home and away mode
  • Filter change reminders may not be accurate for all users
  • Availability of energy savings rebates and incentives may vary depending on location and energy provider