Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio

Attention coffee lovers! Forget about the hassle of brewing your favorite cup of joe with the revolutionary Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio. This smart coffee maker is made to accommodate your every need, making your mornings easier and more enjoyable.

Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, all controlled with just your voice. With the Hamilton Beach Smart FlexBrew Trio, you can connect it to your Alexa-enabled smart speaker or the Alexa app and manage your coffee-making experience effortlessly. From turning the power on or off to starting the brewing process, this coffee maker obeys your every command.

But that’s not all – this incredible device offers you three ways to brew your perfect cup. Whether you prefer the convenience of a pod or the rich flavor of ground coffee, the FlexBrew Trio has got you covered. Brew a single cup using a pod or ground coffee, or go big and brew up to 12 cups with your favorite ground coffee. The choice is yours!

Don’t have time to wait around? No problem! The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio boasts fast brewing capabilities. In just about 90 seconds, you can savor an 8 oz. cup of coffee, giving you more time to indulge in that precious morning bliss.

We know how frustrating it can be to constantly refill water reservoirs, interrupting your coffee routine. That is why this smart coffee maker comes with a generous 56 oz. removable water reservoir. Brew up to 7 single servings without worrying about refilling and save valuable time in the process.

Upgrade your coffee experience with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio. Its seamless integration with Alexa allows you to control your brewing process from anywhere, giving you the ultimate convenience at your fingertips. Forget about the old way of making coffee and say hello to a smarter, more enjoyable brewing experience.

Experience the future of coffee making with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio. Get yours today and revolutionize your mornings like never before.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio

  • Voice control: Connects to Alexa-enabled smart speaker or Alexa app for remote control
  • Voice integration: Control power, brewing, and know coffee status with simple or custom voice commands
  • 3 brewing options: Single cup with pod or ground coffee, or up to 12 cups with ground coffee
  • Single cup capacity: Brew up to 10 oz. with a pod or up to 14 oz. travel mug with ground coffee
  • Fast brewing: Prepares an 8 oz. cup of coffee in about 90 seconds
  • Large water reservoir: Removable 56 oz. reservoir for brewing multiple servings without refilling


  • Convenient voice control feature connects to Alexa-enabled smart speakers or app for remote control
  • Custom voice commands allow easy control over power, brewing, and coffee status
  • Offers three brewing options, including single cup with pod or ground coffee, or up to 12 cups with ground coffee
  • Single cup capacity allows for brewing up to 10 oz. with a pod or up to 14 oz. in a travel mug with ground coffee
  • Fast brewing time of approximately 90 seconds for an 8 oz. cup of coffee
  • Large water reservoir with a removable 56 oz. capacity enables brewing multiple servings without frequent refilling


  • Reliance on voice control may limit usability for those without Alexa-enabled devices or preferences for manual control
  • Limited single cup capacity may not be sufficient for those who prefer larger servings of coffee
  • Voice integration feature may require additional setup and configuration for optimal performance