H.VIEW 5MP Pan Tilt PTZ POE Security Camera System

Introducing the H.VIEW 5MP Pan Tilt PTZ POE Security Camera System – the ultimate solution for all your surveillance needs.

Are you tired of blurry and grainy videos? Upgrade to our cutting-edge 5MP high-quality video resolution, delivering an unparalleled viewing experience like never before. Say goodbye to unclear images and hello to crystal clear detail.

With our innovative Smart Dual Illuminators, you’ll never miss a moment, day or night. Our state-of-the-art technology captures clear videos in full color, even in low-light conditions. Experience high-quality night vision of up to 100ft, ensuring every detail around your home or store is recorded perfectly.

But that’s not all – our system features Face Capture function, enabling intelligent retrieval and playback of faces. Quickly find the person or strangers you’re looking for, saving you valuable time.

Stay connected and aware with our real-time two-way audio feature. The built-in microphone allows for clear communication and recording of ambient sounds, providing you with more details. When intruders are detected, the system initiates a drive action of white light and voice alerts, ensuring they know they’re being watched.

Thanks to our Smart Person Detection technology, unwanted alerts triggered by animals or shadows are minimized. Configure the motion detection settings to focus on what matters most and receive prompt email and push notifications when necessary.

With 360-degree view and PTZ control, you have complete control over your surveillance. Navigate the cameras to view any direction and easily control the rotation angle through our easy to use App.

Rest assured with our 24/7 all-time surveillance. Our system works tirelessly, recording non-stop with the preinstalled 2TB professional hard drive. Keep peace of mind knowing your videos are securely stored for up to 20 days.

We also prioritize your satisfaction and provide reliable quality assurance and customer support. Our detailed instruction manual ensures easy operation for beginners, while our 30-day free returns guarantee ensures your peace of mind.

Upgrade your security today with the H.VIEW 5MP Pan Tilt PTZ POE Security Camera System – the smart choice for smarter surveillance.

H.VIEW 5MP Pan Tilt PTZ POE Security Camera System

  • Brand: H.View
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Video Capture Resolution: 4K
  • Special Feature: 355 degrees horizontal pan, 90 degrees tilt, Face Capture & Smart Dual Illumination & Person Detection
  • Number of Channels: 8

[8CH 5MP PTZ POE Camera System]: This outdoor PoE camera system shoots 5mp high-quality videos at 25fps, delivering an unparalleled smoother and clearer viewing experience than ever. With Smart Dual Illuminators, the system captures crystal clear videos day & night and allow you to get high-quality night vision up to 100ft. Details you see around home or store will be recorded perfectly in live streaming and playback, no matter day or night.

[Smart Dual Illuminators]: Smart Dual Illumination technology adopts deep learning algorithm to detect targets. Usually only the IR illuminator is on at night. When a person appears in the monitoring area, the white-light LED will be triggered and turned on so it can record all key events in full color. Once any intruders are detected, they will alert potential criminals to leave and push alerts to your mobile device. Smart Dual Illuminators improve clearer images and details day and night.

[Face Capture Function]: This system can realize the function of face capture and more intelligent implementation of facial playback. You can have intelligent retrieval, which helps to find the person or any strangers who you want to find out in a shorter time. With high playback efficiency, it’s able to quickly select faces once appeared, which brings more intelligent retrieval of faces so that you can quickly search video clips with the face playback functions.

[Real-Time Two-Way Audio]: With the built-in microphone, the PTZ camera easily makes a clear 2-way audio, it can also make preview and playback with sounds and helps to record the ambient sound for more details. When any intruders come, it will initiate a drive action of white light and voice to note: “Alert area, please leave.” Then your device will get push alerts and notification soon.

[Smart Person Detection]: Supported by smart motion detection technology, new smart motion detection is supported by this system. Smart PoE IP cameras can identify people and vehicles to minimize unwanted alerts triggered by animals or shadows. Configure the type of motion you care and get alerted when you really should. And a prompt email & push notification will be sent to users’ smart devices.

[PTZ Control, 360-degree View]: With 355 degrees horizontal pan, 90 degrees tilt, you can navigate the cameras to view any direction and you can control the rotation angle through App.

[24/7 All-time Surveillance]: The system works and records 24/7 with non-stop surveillance. The preinstalled 2TB professional hard drive records 24/7 and keeps videos of up to 20 days.

[Reliable Quality Assurance/Customer Support]: This product comes with a detailed instruction manual, even beginners can easily operate the device by following the detailed operation instructions. We offer free returns within 30 days of purchase (delivery date). If you have any questions about this product or other issues, please feel free to contact us.


  • High-quality 5MP video resolution for clear and detailed footage
  • Smart Dual Illuminators provide clear images and details day and night
  • Face Capture function allows for intelligent retrieval of faces
  • Real-time two-way audio for clear communication and recording of ambient sound
  • Smart Person Detection minimizes unwanted alerts triggered by animals or shadows
  • PTZ control with 360-degree view for flexible camera navigation
  • 24/7 all-time surveillance with non-stop recording and 2TB professional hard drive
  • Reliable quality assurance and customer support


  • Video capture resolution is stated as 4K in the specifications, but the product description mentions 5MP resolution. There may be a discrepancy or confusion regarding the actual resolution.
  • No specific information provided about the connectivity technology (e.g., Ethernet, Wi-Fi) in the specifications or product description.
  • No information on the number of cameras included in the system, only mentions the number of channels (8).
  • No information on the app or software used for controlling and accessing the camera system.