Graywind Motorized Solar Shades

Attention homeowners! Upgrade your windows with the innovative Graywind Motorized Solar Shades. These shades combine style, functionality, and convenience to transform your living space.

Introducing the Graywind Motorized Solar Shades – the ideal addition to any room. These shades are crafted from high-quality polyester and polyester blend materials, ensuring durability and longevity. With dimensions of 120″L x 99″W, they are designed to fit perfectly on your windows.

Experience the ultimate in privacy and protection with these blackout shades. With a 5% openness, they provide excellent UV protection while still allowing exterior visibility. The unique double color knit design not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also makes them fireproof, waterproof, and dust-free.

These functional shades offer more than just privacy. They filter light and reduce heat, creating a comfortable environment in any season. Whether it’s your living room, patio sliding door, or office, these shades are the ideal window treatment solution.

Safety is a top priority. This is why these cordless shades are perfect for households with children and pets. You can rest easy knowing that they are RoHS certified and environmentally friendly.

But that’s not all – these shades integrate seamlessly with your smart home ecosystem. Thanks to the hardwired motor and WiFi compatibility, you can control them effortlessly using your voice or smartphone. No smart bridge required! Create groups or routines, set timing schedules, and even control the percentage of light that enters your space – all with just a few taps or voice commands.

With the 15-channel timing remote, you have complete control over each shade individually or as a group. Set your favorite positions and create automatic timing schedules to suit your preferences. The remote can be handheld or wall-mounted for added convenience.

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions – customize your shades to fit your exact needs. Simply click “Customize Now” to provide your desired dimensions and any additional details. Our team will review your order within 24 hours, and if we don’t receive a reply within 48 hours, we’ll proceed with production. Expect your custom-made shades to be ready in just 3 workdays, with an additional 5 workdays for delivery.

We stand behind the quality of our products. Included with your purchase are mounting accessories, manuals, and a two-year limited warranty on motors and remotes. Plus, our dedicated technical support team is always available to assist you.

Upgrade your windows with the Graywind Motorized Solar Shades – the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience. Transform your living space and enjoy the benefits of smart home automation. Order now and experience the future of window treatments!

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Polyester, Polyester Blend
  • Product Dimensions: 120″L x 99″W
  • Brand: Graywind
  • Color: C-black
  • Opacity: Blackout
  • Function: Shades
  • Openness: 5%
  • UV Protection: 95%
  • Design: Double color knit
  • Fireproof: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Dust-free: Yes
  • Light Filtering: Yes
  • Heat Reduction: Yes
  • Air Circulation: Yes
  • Cordless: Yes
  • Safety Features: Safe for children and pets
  • Certification: RoHS Certificated
  • Customization Options: Valance and designed bottom bar
  • Motor Type: Hardwired motor
  • Connectivity: 2.4G/5GHz WiFi
  • Control Options: App Control & Voice Control
  • Smart Home Integration: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Scheduling Options: 15-channel timing remote with 20 date-time groups
  • Made-to-Order: Custom dimensions and details available
  • Order Process: Confirmation messages within 24 hours, order proceeds after 48 hours of no reply
  • Production Time: 3 workdays for custom production
  • Delivery Time: Extra 5 workdays for delivery
  • Warranty: Two-year limited warranty on motors and remotes
  • Technical Support: Long-term complimentary technical support


  • High-quality material: Made of polyester and polyester blend, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Excellent dimensions: Product dimensions of 120″L x 99″W offer a generous coverage area for effective shading.
  • Brand reputation: Graywind is a well-known brand known for producing reliable and high-performing products.
  • Blackout opacity: Provides complete blackout, ensuring maximum privacy and light control.
  • Effective UV protection: Offers 95% UV protection, safeguarding furniture and interiors from harmful sun rays.
  • Double color knit design: Features an attractive double color knit design, adding a touch of style to any space.
  • Fireproof and waterproof: Provides added safety and protection with fireproof and waterproof properties.
  • Dust-free and light filtering: Effectively filters out dust particles while allowing a soft and diffused light into the room.
  • Heat reduction and air circulation: Helps in reducing heat and promoting air circulation, creating a comfortable environment.
  • Cordless operation: Cordless design ensures a clean and clutter-free look while also being safe for children and pets.
  • RoHS certification: RoHS certification ensures that the product meets environmental standards and is safe for use.
  • Customization options: Offers customization options like valance and designed bottom bar for a personalized touch.
  • Smart home integration: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing convenient voice control and integration with smart home systems.
  • Scheduling options: Comes with a 15-channel timing remote with 20 date-time groups for easy scheduling and automation.
  • Quick production and delivery: Custom production is completed within 3 workdays, and delivery takes an extra 5 workdays.
  • Two-year limited warranty: Provides a two-year limited warranty on motors and remotes, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Complimentary technical support: Offers long-term complimentary technical support for any assistance or troubleshooting needs.


  • Requires hardwired motor: The motor type requires a hardwired connection, which may require professional installation.
  • Limited connectivity options: Only supports 2.4G/5GHz WiFi connectivity, which may not be compatible with all home networks.
  • Order process delay: Order confirmation messages are sent within 24 hours, but the order proceeds only after 48 hours of no reply, causing a potential delay.