ECPAUTECH Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Introducing the ECPAUTECH Portable Bluetooth Speaker – your ultimate companion for immersive sound experiences!

Are you tired of mediocre audio quality that fails to elevate your entertainment moments? Forget about subpar sound and welcome the XD200 Soundbar into your life. This sleek and stylish speaker is designed to deliver an audio extravaganza that will leave you mesmerized!

With its Bluetooth connectivity technology, this soundbar allows for easy and hassle-free connections. Simply plug in the USB port for power and the 3.5mm jack for sound, and let the magic unfold. Whether you’re streaming music, watching movies, or even working, the XD200 has got you covered.

Versatility is key, and this is why this soundbar supports multiple connections. You can effortlessly connect via Bluetooth or AUX jack cable, giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite tunes from various devices. Compatible with TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones (bluetooth connected only), the XD200 ensures seamless integration into your digital world.

Prepare to be blown away by the high-quality audio that emanates from this portable powerhouse. Immerse yourself in a world of rich, immersive sound that will enhance your work environment or any other space where you seek audio bliss.

But that is not all! The XD200 comes with built-in LED lights that create a captivating atmosphere while you’re watching TV or listening to music. Let the vibrant colors and soothing glow transport you into a realm of relaxation and enjoyment.

Convenience is at your fingertips with the XD200’s slim design. Take it with you wherever you go and enjoy high-quality audio in any setting – be it at home, on the move, or during your workout sessions. It’s time to bring your favorite entertainment experiences to life!

Upgrade your audio game with the ECPAUTECH Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Immerse yourself in superior sound quality, embrace versatility, and indulge in captivating LED lights. Elevate your entertainment journey and let the XD200 be the soundtrack to your life.

Get yours now and experience audio bliss like never before!

  • Brand: ECPAUTECH
  • Model Name: XD200
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Special Feature: USB Port

[Multiple & Easy Connections]: Just plug in the USB port for power and 3.5mm jack for sound. The sound bar supports multiple connections, such as Bluetooth connection and AUX jack cable connection, also with buttons to help open music or movie journey.

[Wide Compatibility]: The sound bar supports most of the devices with a standard 3.5mm jack. Compatible with TVs, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphones, only Bluetooth connected.

[High-quality Audio]: Impressive audio high-quality sound suitable for enjoyment at work or another place.

[Atmosphere Light]: The portable sound bar has LED lights providing atmosphere while watching TVs or listening to music.

[Portable and Useful]: With a slim design, it’s convenient to take outside and use in various places, such as watching TVs, listening to music or doing exercise.


  • High-quality audio for an enjoyable listening experience
  • Supports multiple and easy connections, including Bluetooth and AUX jack cable
  • Wide compatibility with most devices that have a standard 3.5mm jack
  • Portable and slim design, convenient to take outside and use in various places
  • LED lights provide atmosphere while watching TVs or listening to music


  • Limited connectivity options, only Bluetooth connected for smartphones
  • No information on the power output or battery life
  • No mention of additional features or controls
  • No indication of warranty or customer support