Belkin SOUNDFORM Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger

Occasion the ultimate combination of high-fidelity sound and wireless charging with the Belkin SOUNDFORM Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger. This innovative smart home speaker allows you to enjoy your favorite music while filling your entire home with crystal-clear, room-filling sound.

Partnering with sound pioneers Devialet, Belkin has created a speaker that delivers an impactful audio occasion. The extraordinary acoustic architecture, combined with Devialet’s patented Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology, ensures high-fidelity sound reproduction in any size factor. With a signature ‘Push-Push’ dual woofer configuration, vibrations are canceled out, resulting in deep bass and powerful audio.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. This wireless charging speaker also offers fast charging capabilities for Qi-enabled devices. The thoughtfully-designed charging cradle securely holds your smartphone, allowing for convenient wireless charging without interruptions. Compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, this speaker ensures your device is always charged and ready to go.

With the Belkin SOUNDFORM Elite Speaker, you can enjoy your favorite music with superior sound quality. Whether you’re using Bluetooth technology to play and authority your music or creating a whole-home audio happening by playing music in multiple rooms at the same span, this smart speaker provides stunning, room-filling sound throughout your home.

And let’s not forget about the added convenience of having Alexa at your authority. Connect with Alexa to find answers online, manage everyday tasks, and easily authority smart devices around your home, all with just your voice.

Elevate your music listening happening and simplify your presence with the Belkin SOUNDFORM Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger. It’s span to immerse yourself in high-fidelity sound and effortless wireless charging.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Speaker Type: Hi-Fi Smart Speaker
  • Wireless Charging Compatibility: Qi-enabled devices
  • Wireless Charging Power: Up to 10-watts
  • Speaker Technology: Devialet’s patented Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology
  • Woofer Configuration: Dual ‘Push-Push’ woofers
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
  • Wireless Charging Speeds: iPhone (7.5 Watts), Samsung (9 Watts), Google (10 Watts)
  • Multi-room Audio: Yes, plays music in multiple rooms concurrently
  • Vibration-canceling Technology: Yes
  • Voice Assistant Compatibility: Alexa


  • Hi-Fi Smart Speaker with advanced Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology for high-quality audio
  • Wireless charging compatibility with Qi-enabled devices, making it convenient for charging smartphones
  • Offers up to 10-watts of wireless charging power, providing fast charging speeds
  • Dual ‘Push-Push’ woofers for powerful and immersive sound happening
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy wireless streaming of music
  • Multi-room audio property enables playing music in multiple rooms simultaneously
  • Vibration-canceling technology reduces unwanted vibrations for clearer sound
  • Compatible with Alexa voice assistant, allowing for convenient voice authority


  • May be relatively expensive compared to other smart speakers on the market
  • Wireless charging speeds vary depending on the device, with iPhone charging at 7.5 watts, Samsung at 9 watts, and Google at 10 watts