Alarm System for Home Security

Experience peace of mind with our Alarm System for Home Security. This wireless anti-theft kit includes everything you need to protect your home and loved ones. With a control panel, door/motion sensors, SOS button, alarm siren, RFID tag, remote control, and more, you’ll have complete control over your home’s security.

Featuring a 4.3-inch color IPS display and capacitive touch screen, our alarm system provides a user-friendly interface. The real-time main interface status bar keeps you informed with data, clock, and host status. Plus, the multilingual menu, voice operation, and SMS alerts ensure effortless communication.

Connectivity is key when it comes to home security, which is why our alarm system supports WiFi, 4G, and GSM networks. With APP push network alarm, SMS alerts, voice monitoring, and core network capabilities, you can rely on stable and reliable performance. You can even store up to 100 controllers, RFID cards, and wireless detectors for convenient access.

Arming and disarming your home has never been easier. Our home automation controller allows for remote arming and disarming via SMS and voice channels. You can also control multiple smart sockets using the APP or host, giving you complete control over your home appliances. Additionally, the timed arming and disarming function adds an extra layer of convenience.

We prioritize your safety with our anti-disassembly alarm function. Equipped with low voltage sensor wireless batteries, our wireless home burglar alarm ensures maximum protection. You’ll receive warnings if armored doors and windows are left open. Plus, you can set multiple preset alarm call groups and customize SMS and dial switches. Our system can even record alarm messages and voice for up to 20 seconds.

Our smart alarm system offers versatility for various situations. It supports extended alarms such as mains power failure, backup battery shortage, and anti-pry alarms. You can easily configure access zones, interior zones, perimeter zones, and 24-hour zones. Set unique defense zone names for each area of your home, including the front door, hall, bedroom, balcony, and more.

Invest in your home’s security with our Alarm System for Home Security. With its comprehensive features, effortless to handle interface, and reliable performance, you can trust that your home and loved ones are safe. Forget about monthly fees and experience a new level of protection.

Key Technical Specifications of the Alarm System for Home Security:

  • Payment: No Monthly Fees
  • Wireless Home Anti-theft Kit includes:
    • – Control panel
    • – Door/motion sensors
    • – SOS
    • – Alarm siren
    • – RFID tag
    • – Remote control
  • 4.3-inch color IPS display
  • Capacitive touch screen for full operation
  • Real-time Main interface status bar
  • Data and clock displayed on the screen
  • Clear host status indication
  • Supports multilingual menu
  • Voice operation and SMS alert supported
  • WiFi + 4G + GSM connectivity options
  • Supports APP push network alarm
  • SMS and voice monitoring capabilities
  • Up to 100 controllers, RFID cards, and wireless detectors storage
  • Voice channel arming and disarming support
  • Home automation controller with multitasking operating system design
  • Supports remote arming and disarming via SMS
  • Ability to control multiple smart sockets for home appliances
  • Timed arming and disarming function
  • Anti-Disassembly Alarm Function
    • – Wireless home burglar alarm with low voltage sensor wireless battery
    • – Armored doors and windows warning
    • – Multiple preset alarm call groups
    • – 20 seconds of alarm messages and voice recording
  • Widely used for home security
  • Supports extended alarms such as mains power failure and backup battery shortage
  • Supports anti-pry alarm
  • Multiple access zone settings available
    • – Access zone
    • – Interior zone
    • – Perimeter zone
    • – 24-hour zone
    • – Doorbell
  • Supports multiple defense zone name settings
    • – Front door
    • – Hall
    • – Help
    • – Bedroom
    • – Window
    • – Balcony
    • – Perimeter
    • – Smoke
    • – Gas
    • – Carbon monoxide
    • – Water leak


  • No monthly fees for payment
  • Comprehensive wireless home anti-theft kit included
  • 4.3-inch color IPS display with capacitive touch screen
  • Real-time main interface status bar for easy monitoring
  • Supports multilingual menu for user convenience
  • Various connectivity options (WiFi, 4G, GSM)
  • Ability to control multiple smart sockets for home appliances
  • Timed arming and disarming function available
  • Wide range of access zone and defense zone settings
  • Multiple defense zone name settings for easy identification


  • Complex setup process may require technical knowledge
  • May have limitations in terms of coverage area for sensors
  • Requires a stable internet connection for remote access
  • May require additional purchases for full functionality
  • Limited storage capacity for controllers, RFID cards, and detectors
  • Alarm system may be triggered by false alarms in certain situations