12-Zone Wired Smart Alarm Panel – Konnected Alarm Panel Pro

Attention homeowners!

Upgrade your home security with the revolutionary 12-Zone Wired Smart Alarm Panel – Konnected Alarm Panel Pro. This cutting-edge device is here to transform your traditional wired alarm system into a smart and connected fortress.

Why settle for a basic alarm when you can have a smart home security solution? With the 12-Zone Alarm Panel Pro, you can effortlessly control your entire smart home from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. No more fumbling with clunky keypads or worrying about forgotten codes.

Designed by the experts at Konnected, this sleek and powerful alarm panel retrofits seamlessly with any brand of wired alarm system. Simply connect your existing wired motion, contact, window, door, leak sensors, and even sirens or strobes directly to our panel unit. It is compatibility at its finest!

But that is not all – this remarkable device connects effortlessly to your Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and PoE. Forget about complicated installations and tangled wires. With easy DIY installation, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Take control of your home security from anywhere with our remote access feature. Arm, disarm, and monitor your house with a smart home app or voice assistant of your choice. Whether it is SmartThings, Alexa, Home Assistant, Hubitat, or any other popular platform, we’ve got you covered.

Your safety shouldn’t stop at mere security. With the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro, you’ll enter the realm of home automation. Create custom automations and routines that make your wired sensors trigger smart lights, smart thermostats, or any other smart devices you have in your connected home.

Choose the Board Only option for the pure Konnected Alarm Panel Pro experience. If you’re looking for a complete package, we offer the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro with Accessory Kit variation as well. The choice is yours!

Don’t settle for outdated security systems. Upgrade to the 12-Zone Wired Smart Alarm Panel – Konnected Alarm Panel Pro and experience the future of home security today. Protect your loved ones and enjoy the convenience of a truly smart home.

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12-Zone Wired Smart Alarm Panel – Konnected Alarm Panel Pro

  • Brand: Konnected
  • Compatibility: Retrofits any brand wired alarm system
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and PoE
  • Control: Smartphone or tablet
  • Battery: No required battery
  • Subscription: No required subscription
  • Package: Board only
  • Accessories: Not included
  • Sensor Compatibility: Wired motion, contact, window, door, leak sensors
  • Additional Compatibility: Siren or strobe
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Installation: Easy DIY installation
  • Smart Home Integration: SmartThings, Alexa, Home Assistant, Hubitat, and more
  • Automations & Routines: Custom automations and routines


  • Retrofits any brand wired alarm system
  • Multiple connectivity options: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and PoE
  • Control through smartphone or tablet
  • No required battery for operation
  • No required subscription for usage
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Compatible with various sensors and additional devices
  • Offers remote control capabilities
  • Smart home integration with popular platforms
  • Allows for custom automations and routines


  • Accessories not included in package